Interactions of drugs with Xanax

Xanax InteractionsMany drugs, when taken with any certain other drug causes many common and severe side effects, so before a patient starts taking Xanax with any other drugs for the same or the other disorder. He or she needs to study the basic interactions of Xanax with the other common drugs, to avoid certain side effects.

When one particular drug is working on a certain part of the body and patient start taking some other drug with it, which will work on the same or the other part of the body will require the more efficiency from metabolism of the body and will disturb it. It is advised to consult an online doctor before getting Xanax prescription online. This is made possible by legitimate online pharmacies.

Followings are the basic drug’s interactions of Xanax with some common drugs:


When a patient is taking Propoxyphene along with the Xanax, it may lead to increase in side effects like confusion, dizziness, slight difficulties in concentrating and drowsiness. Some people, especially who are elder in age, may also feel improperness while judging, thinking, and may lead to motor coordination. Misuses of Propoxyphene will lead you to some serious side effects while including death also, the risk could be greater if the patient is having suicidal thoughts, emotional disturbances, or drug and alcohol abuse in his past.

Denzapine (clozapine):

The person who is already taking Denzapine and requires taking Xanax should talk to his family doctor before taking the doses of Denzapine with Xanax. Because it’s combination is very harmful and can lead to the side effects of the both of these medications. The side effect of the combination is totally dependent on the route by which it is taken that is orally or by injection. The patient will experience certain side effects like extreme confusion, weak pulse rate, drowsiness and shallow breathing, some cases showed low blood pressure and serious in coordination. In many serious cases, patients have lost their consciousness, have suffered serious cardiac arrest, and even death have been reported in some very much serious cases.


It is highly recommended to not to use the drug Xanax with ketoconazole because of this combination very dangerous to the body. If patients are taking these drugs together, it will show high side effects which may include the slower breathing and can even cause drowsiness. It is highly recommended that you tell all the medications which are currently used by the patients, the list should also contain all the names vitamins and herbs too. After you take a required consult with the doctor, go according to it, does not stop taking any medications without asking your doctor about it.


If patients use buprenorphine along with Xanax with any other drug, it will directly cause depression to the central nervous system can get some very serious side effects like coma, respiratory distress, or even lead patients to the death. The doctor can suggest the proper dose adjustment between this two drug so that both the drugs can be taken safely and patients should not drink alcohol self-mediate themselves without doctors consult because this combination can be the reason for the death.