How can stress can transform into depression?

stress and depressionStress to an unbearable extent results in depression. It has been scientifically proved too. Very often, people plunge into a state of depression after having experienced some stressful situations in their life. Relationship strain, losing loved ones and job loss- These events are highly stressful in nature, thus impacting the brain in the form of excessive strain, and as a result of which the brain gets disturbed to an enormous extent.

The vital link between stressful events and depression

On the other hand, there are also some positive happenings like marriage especially the pre-wedding jitters, relocating the family to a new location and starting a new career can stresses a person given the quantum of workload involved and intensity of mental concentration associated with it.

Why does stress develop into depression?

Scientifically, it is stated that a stressful mind over activates the stress-response mechanism associated with the body. In fact, it is also recorded that increased stress levels i.e. chronic stress enhances the stress hormones like Cortisol and multiplies it. This process is supplemented by the reduction of serotonin and certain other neurotransmitters contained in the brain. Most specifically, it lowers the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter closely associated with depression. At some point or the other, the response to stress has to be nil upon encountering a critical situation. If not, it might depress a person and can result in unnecessary health complications. The chemicals in the brain or the neurotransmitters ought to perform its functions smoothly and only then a person can experience normalcy in certain biological functions like appetite levels, energy, sleep and expressing the right moods and emotions in accordance with the situation encountered.In scenarios where the brain is unable to naturally balance its chemicals, outside support can be given in the form of anti-depressant medicines. One can buy Xanax online to get short term relief from anxiety or depression triggered due to stress.

The implications of chronic stress and the resultant depression

Chronic stress levels are extremely dangerous in a sense that it drowns the person completely into a state of depression. Individuals are bound to be affected of chronic stress when they tend to be in the midst of abusive environment, compelled to undertake major lifestyle change and handing multiple responsibilities at home and work. The other triggering factor that makes a person depressed is the feeling of helplessness when they reel under stress, and for which experts dealing with stress have coined a phrase called “learned helplessness”. To overcome the feelings of learned helplessness, opt to buy valium online. This is considered as a best anti depressant for anxiety as well as depression. This pill is available in the form of a capsule that needs to be consumed orally. Snorting valium is not a good idea as instead of not giving anxiety relief it will actually be dangerous to the person. Consuming this pill by sticking to the instructions will prove to be very beneficial. If not, the feelings of learned helplessness

Depression during pregnancy

Pregnancy ushers in joy and leads to blossoming of new feelings each passing day. That’s very much true. On the other hand, expectant mothers feel stressed in the run-up to labor. This unexpected stress levels leaves them depressed thus impacting the health condition on a minor scale. At such opting to medications to chase away depression doesn’t augur correct for their health, rather they should depend on cognitive and other behavioral therapies to tackle it successfully. Many at times, women ignore the feelings of depression, which results in intense mood swings. Hence, depression during pregnancy should be accorded extreme priority and expectant mother are advised to opt for remediation measure.